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Liben Glow Trampoline

Fluorescent Trampoline

Glow trampoline, also known as fluorescent trampoline, is making the trampoline park glow in the dark, which looks pretty cool. When you're planning your trampoline park, you can make some part to be fluorescent, for example, glow-in-the-dark dodgeball area or glow free jump zone. Glow party in trampoline park would be very popular, turn off the light, trampoline glows, FUN for all ages!!

Trampoline Park New Game Sky Rider

Sky Rider

Sky rider is like a roller coaster and zip line combined into one, it is a simple but highly addictive thrill ride, giving the rider the unique sensation of flying, with the adrenaline rush of speed whilst swooping round bends.

Liben Novel Game Donut Slide

Donut Slide

Donut slide, also called tubby slide is a different alternative to the normal slides. Due to the white "needle mushroom-like" surface of the slope, it's like sliding down the snowy hill during winter. Donut slie is quite popular among the young players as sliding down in a fast speed is quite thrilling, you can feel zero gravity during the few seconds of sliding.

Liben Interactive Play Game

Tap Fun

Interactive tap fun is a new interactive button pressing game developed by the Liben Group. It is combined with a trampoline. It has 3 modes and 4 play methods. It is an indispensable interactive project in the dodgeball area of the trampoline park.

Trampoline Park Spider Wall

Spider Wall

The trampoline park spider wall, also known as the velcro wall or sticky wall, contains velcro clothes and walls. The cover of spider wall are made of PVC cover and velcro. It is a supporting equipment and function of the trampoline park.

Liben Large Crazy Wave Slide

Crazy Slide

The crazy slide can be divided into two types. The first one is crazy 90-degree slide, in fact, it is just exaggerated and not completely 90 °, with a slight slope. And the second one is called big wave slide which is more suitable for young children. You can let the children challenge and adapt slowly on the rainbow slide, and then try the more exciting 90-degree slide.

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