Landscape Artificial Grass

Product Detail

Liben Park is including more than 15 themes of outdoor playground, variety of swing set, seesaw, climbing wall, spring rider etc. Liben provide a paradise for children.

1. Description of Products

All of our material is environmental and we get GS certificate from TUV which approved our products are meet Europe standard EN1176.

Description of Liben Artificial Grass
1. Specification Item No.: LE.CP.031
2. Material

1. Yarn: PE;

2. Yarn Color: 1-tone

3. Dtex: 6000

4. Stitches/10cm: 20/10cm

5. Backing: PP

6. Stitches/SQM: 10500

3. Advantage

a. Anti-UV

b. Anti-static

c. Security

d. Environmental protection

e. Color is not easy to fade

4. Installation Professional and useful instruction
5. Warranty 1 Year

2. Products Details

Attitude decide everything, detail make difference. After you checked dozens of suppliers, you will find the appearance is almost similar. What makes difference, that's details.

3. Packing & Shipping

Packing and shipping is important in this field as our products are irregularity. Good packing will makes products are safe enough to arrive your hand. Good loading will help you fill in more products in same container.

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